The Way I See It


By Graham Daniels. A world view on fortune, family and future.
5 DVDs and 7 CDs with a total of 14 hours of teaching.

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By Graham Daniels. A world view on fortune, family and future.
5 DVDs and 7 CDs with a total of 14 hours of teaching.

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DVD 1: Millennium Money. (117 minutes)

This 2-hour documentary won a Gold Award at the US Film and Video Festival in Chicago in 1998. It examines the banking system, economics and morality, the curse of debt, and explains the coming economic collapse. It then offers sound protection strategies.

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DVD 2: Financial Wisdom from an Australian Perspective. (81 minutes)

A candid look at a western culture identifying its spiritual roots, its journey of decline and the only hope for its recovery. It then identifies trends, both positive and negative, and offers investment strategies. Although using Australia as an example, much of the information and illustrations find common ground to many “western” cultures.

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DVD 3: Lifestyle Trends and Cycles… where do we go from here? (59 minutes)

A look at the cycles that affect our lives… and will continue to do so. Being aware of these cycles places one in the unique position to prepare for the future… to either gain a benefit, or avoid a loss.

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DVD 4: Banking… the great illusion. (47 minutes)

Filmed at a conference in South Africa, this lecture examines the history of modern banking, using Australia and the USA as examples. The removal of the precious metal standard in the US and Australia monetary system is clearly documented. It further explains the mechanics and personalities within the Federal Reserve System, warns of six possible detonators for an economic catastrophe, and offers a 9-point protection strategy.

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DVD 5: Relationships, and the battle for the sexes. (93 minutes)

This presentation was given in Australia to a mixed group of old and young, men and women, single and married, and examines the distinct differences, beginning at conception, between men and women, and how they are designed to live in harmony as “compatible”, not “competitive”. It offers 20 “dating tips” for romance without regrets, and keys to a healthy relationship.

CD 1 See summary

CD 1: The Crown theory… Royal fingerprints in the market place. (56 minutes)

Investment in stocks and shares from a unique perspective. The information offered here shows how an investor can walk in the shadow of the Queen’s investment interests, and share in her “insider trading” connections. This presentation will give both the amateur investor and the professional stockbroker sound yet simple counsel.

CD 2 See summary

CD 2: Secret Societies part 1 & 2. (75 minutes)

What is a secret society, what do they do and why? Are there any such societies operating today and from where do they source their power? This CD may shock you. The evidence and candid material presented will challenge any involved in a concealed occult, and provide answers to many previously unexplained happenings. The global reach of these networks in staggering.

CD 3 See summary

CD 3: Asset Protection… leaving a heritage to your children’s children. (49 minutes)

This recording examines the need for asset protection in today’s world, and offers practical counsel in how to protect ones private estate, to ensure an inheritance to your children’s children. It explains in simple terms what an asset protection trust is and how one can utilize its time-tested benefits.

CD 4 See summary

CD 4: Why Silver & Gold? (49 minutes)

This recording gives the listener an understanding of the history of gold and silver in our world, examines why it’s considered a precious metal, explains related technical data and examines practical applications and benefits in holding gold and silver privately.

The State of the Nation. (17 minutes.)

Is Australia an independent sovereign nation, or are we still a colony under the United Kingdom? This short address gives a brief history of Australian sovereignty quandary, and examines the question…. Would it be possible for Noah to even be allowed to obey God in our nation today?

CD 5 See summary

CD 5: The seven DO’S and DON’T’S now that you’re becoming wealthy. (41 minutes)

People, who come into wealth for the first time, often make regrettable mistakes that could have been avoided. Learn what these pitfalls are and put in place protections to ensure that ultimately, you own the wealth… and the wealth doesn’t own you.

Taxation, the divine to the ridiculous.(35 minutes)

Where did taxation begin…. is there any morality to it and are there any workable taxation alternatives to the fiscal policies implemented in the west today? Why is it that there is no record that Jesus ever paid a civil tax in his whole life? This recording will make you rethink the taxation issue in a totally different way.

CD 6 See summary

CD 6: “What in the world is happening!” (60 minutes)

A sober examination of world events past, today’s news headlines, and realistic future expectations, based on the wisdom found in the Holy Scriptures. The contents of this presentation will motivate you to examine more closely your future. Being informed and prepared allows one to place them and their family in a position to either gain a benefit or avoid a loss.

CD 7 See summary

CD 7: “I Hear Voices”. (25 minutes)

This recording is of a sermon preached in a century old country church in the Mt. Lofty Ranges in Australia. It was a small building, with small windows…the pews were dark timber, old and hard, but the people soft and warm. The topic I spoke on was “The abomination of Molech”. It was recorded by the church “sound technician”, and a cassette copy given to me as I left the building.

“A Star Is Born”. (27 minutes.)

When was Jesus’ birthday? I was invited back to the same old church at Christmas one year and spoke on the subject, “A Star is Born”. Much documented record exists on the birth of Jesus that can be verified in the pages of the “Good Book”.

7 reviews for The Way I See It

  1. P & R.F.

    My brother Peter and I want to thankyou deeply for the program “The Way I See It.” This program is just amazing and the wisdom in it, a true treasure. Your knowledge and wisdom that we received from the program just “blew our minds!!!”

    – P & R.F. – Germany.

  2. H.N.

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy listening to “The Way I See It.” So much so that I wrote a testimonial and sent it out to my contact list.

    – H.N. – Norway

  3. Dr. Anil Prabhu

    I have found him to be extremely efficient and frighteningly competent. He is a free thinker who spends most of his time outside the box.

    – Dr. Anil Prabhu – Qatar

  4. Jeremy Thomas

    Graham is a nationally acclaimed speaker, a strong leader in business and a respected authority in corporate consultancy and strategic business planning. But in true Graham Daniels form, he knows that his greatest credential is his family and what they stand for.

    – Jeremy Thomas – Austrailia

  5. Bryce Anderson

    Graham has an interesting ability to assess a business situation, apply his beliefs and principles and determine a profitable and strategic path forward…

    – Bryce Anderson – United Kingdom

  6. Kameel Majdali

    Graham Daniels is a remarkable man….his depth of insight is enormous, he exudes authority.

    – Kameel Majdali – Australia

  7. Maurice A Enderle

    Graham is the kind of person you can give your house and car keys to as well as trust your wife with.

    – Maurice A Enderle – USA

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